Sic transit

I was trying to chose an interesting Continuing Ed course for this fall and was torn between one on Existentialism (Sartre, Kierkegaard etc.) and another on the violin concerto.  My thoughts turned to the subject of existential nausea…

When I was young and couldn’t define existentialism,  I lived in East Vancouver and spent a lot of time catching buses at the Kootenay Loop.  This transit exchange was on the boundary of Vancouver and Burnaby and was fairly busy for such a small place. 

The Kootenay Loop consisted of an ugly bus shelter from where you could sit and stare at the cement wall of the convenience store adjoining.  It seemed to rain a lot more then and traffic aqua-planed by noisily.   Trolley buses I wasn’t waiting for were alway lunging in off Hastings Street  and shunting around to their pickup point.   Fellow travelers stared blankly off into space.  My only clear memory of an interaction there is a woman coming up to me and whispering that my skirt zipper was undone.  

At that time, one of the local community papers published a ‘Best and Worst of Vancouver’ issue.  Flipping through it one day, I spotted my hang-out.


It remains the existential gold standard, in my mind.  I’m glad it got recognition.  Anyway, I have registered for the violin concerto course.


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