Yin and Yang at Nat Bailey Stadium

A non-profit organization I volunteer with was giving away free tickets to the last home game of the Vancouver Canadians – the local baseball team who play at Nat Bailey Stadium.  I didn’t think of accepting the offer – I haven’t watched a baseball game for decades.  But I do remember going to a lot of games when I was younger, when the team was called the Vancouver Mounties.

My mother was a sports fan and used to pack us in the car with the dog and drive down to the game.  We went to Queen Elizabeth Park which had a hill that overlooked the stadium.  Along with a lot of other people, we sat on the hill and watched the game for free.  My mother brought her transistor radio to listen to the play-by-play.  The hill was nicknamed Cheapskate Hill.  The announcer at the stadium would call out sometimes “And hello to all the folks up on Cheapskate Hill!”  And we would wave. 

 A friend of my parents, a man in his fifties, went to a Mounties game by himself one evening.  At some point, he must have felt ill and returned to his car.  He got inside, closed the door and died of a heart attack there.  The game ended and everyone got in their cars and left.  When his family came looking for him, his was the only car in the stadium lot.


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