In the newspaper this past week, I read that addicts in the Downtown Eastside are being given the opportunity to visit horses at a farm in the Fraser Valley.  As part of a theraputic treatment, they can spend the day with horses – feeding and visiting with them.

My sister-in-law’s father was a high school principal in Nova Scotia.  He told me he had grown up in a small town that was near a mine.  At one point, the mine was shut down.  In those days, there were still horses working underground in the mine, pulling the coal cars along tracks.  The animals were stabled underground and had spent most of their lives down there.  When the mine closed down, the horses were brought up and put in a field.  Everyone thought they would be blind from living in darkness.  At first the horses just stood there and blinked hard against the light.  They took a few steps forward in the field – and then they started to run.

“You think you’ve seen dogs run…” he said, “…you’ve never seen anything run like those horses.”


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