Scrying, anyone?

Next week is a meeting of a fundraising committee I am on.   I volunteer for a small arts organization and we are planning our next dinner/auction event.  The theme is “The Gypsy Life”.  The music will be great and I can wear the same costume as I did for the last fundraiser, “The Groovy 60’s”.  Just need to add some large hooped earrings and bandana.

My usual role is to call companies and ask for donations for the silent auction.  I also co-ordinate the cake auction.  And this time, I’ve volunteered to read Tarot cards for donations.  I learned years ago to read the cards.  I knew one day someone would cross my palm with silver.  I just hope it’s not too exhausting to divine the destinies of a large line-up of complete strangers.

Actually, I always wanted to learn to read the crystal ball, but instructions were always vague.  One must have the gift.  Interestingly, that type of divination is called “scrying”.  That is a word I’d like to work into a conversation.

A:   What do you do for a living?

B:    Oh, I do a little scrying to make ends meet.


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