Harry Dwight Corrigan was my grandmother’s brother.  He was a soldier in the Canadian infantry in WWI and died in October, 1917.   He had been fighting with the 46th Battalion in France and Flanders for over a year. I once found Harry’s burial information on a website.  A Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan boy – he is buried in Belgium. 

On November 6th, at 3:48 a.m., Harry’s name will be projected onto a wall for 8 seconds in London, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Edmonton, as part of a WWI Vigil project that will bring him symbolically back from Europe to Canada.  His name will be projected as one of 68,000 Canadian soldiers that died in WWI.  I’m glad someone thinks he should be remembered  and that his country hasn’t forgotten what he did.  Information on this memorial project is at www.1914-1918.ca 

I don’t know much about Harry, except he was a scamp who liked to tease his sisters and was ‘fond of putting the blame on others’, according to my father.  He was best man at my grandparents wedding and signed their bridal book, which I still have.  I know Harry was terribly missed by his family.  Like true Victorians, they held seances to try to reach him after his death.  Both my father and oldest brother were given his middle name Dwight.  In the one picture of Harry, sitting with his sisters,  I can see a kind of resemblance to my father – in his eyes and how he is looking at the camera.

I’m glad to have a chance to think about Harry again, even though his name won’t be projected here in Vancouver.  Rest in peace, Harry Dwight Corrigan.


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