A woman I know through my work was recently telling me of her strong aversion to buttons.   I can’t remember how it came up, but she was suddenly saying:

“People comment on how I don’t wear clothes with buttons.  But I don’t like buttons.  I don’t like looking at them.  I don’t like touching them.  Especially those little white ones.” 

Then she gave a kind of shudder.  Apparently her entire wardrobe is based on not wearing buttons, if at all possible.

Button aversion/fear/phobia.  Sounds like something the British invented – a charming eccentricity.  I never knew it existed.   How would I?  It seemed funny that other people might have noticed and commented on it. 

“Look, I’ve realized you haven’t worn clothes with buttons since I met you…”

I checked the internet.   Button revulsion not only has an interesting name, koumpounphobia, but it is actually not uncommon. 

 It’s always fascinating to learn another arcane fact about the human condition.  Like many others, I have my own small phobias of course, but they are pedestrian and have no latin names.


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