The Future is Inconvenient

A household budgeting expert was recently advising how to cut costs.  She suggested people remember:

“The most expensive thing you can buy is convenience.”

It’s true.  That’s why convenience stores are so pricey.   But what a radical idea – convenience as a bad thing – an unnecessary expense.   Looks like the start of a new world order.

Frugality is a subject constantly in the news now and the Great Depression is also getting mentioned frequently.

Many of the generation that went throught the 1929 Depression and WWII counted pennies, feared debt and didn’t throw out anything that could be mended or fixed.   They seemed hopelessly out of date when I was young.   Now their fiscal and material conservatism is worth a second look.   And we today are now (as in the famous last line of  The Great Gatsby) like boats, beating  “…against the current, being borne… back into the past.”

With the return of frugality come those colourful and inventive phrases to describe the frugal.  Here’s my favourite: 

“(S)he can make a penny squeal.”


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