Pigeon Wars

I went out and left my sliding door open one morning.   When I returned in the late afternoon,  I was surprised/shocked to find a pigeon inside my bathroom – standing on the sink.   The bird was defiant and seemed cheesed off as I chased it outside.   Back in the bathroom, about 10 twigs had been arranged strategically in the sink – the beginnings of a nest.   Kind of sad really.  I picked up the pigeon’s work with a paper towel and garbaged it.

Amazing how fast Mother Nature moves in.   If the human race ended, all manner of beasts, fauna and flora would be in the door instantly.

Pigeons haven’t been a problem but lately the things have been flapping around.  A week  after the sink affair, I looked out on my balcony.  To my horror, I saw that a pigeon was out there nursing an egg.   Someone once told me – pigeons will always return to where they are hatched.  The egg had to go.  I got the broom and tried to edge the egg away but the bird fought fiercely.  I retreated and decided to let the egg remain for the night.

I attacked again at dawn.  I get up at 5:30 for work anyway.   I grabbed the broom and gently slid back the door.   The pigeon was asleep – the egg was before it.   I reached over and managed to snare the egg with the broom.  The pigeon woke immediately and fought, but not full force.  It was begrogged with sleep, I guess.  I was able to stick- handle the egg over to the door.  I picked it up, took it inside and put it in the garbage.

The hardest part – the mother keened sadly around the place for a few days.   

 Still, my thought to the bird was – don’t build your nest at the door of another larger, stronger animal’s lair.


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