“Magic is sometimes very close to nothing at all.  Nothing at all.”  (Zinedine Zidane)

I  noticed the retired soccer superstar Zinedine Zidane is coming to Vancouver to play against the Vancouver All-Star team.   Last year, I put the above quote by Zidane up on my wall as an inspiration.  I found it in an article in the sports pages.   It’s a great comment that could be applied to any endeavour – soccer, art, cooking or whatever.

I have been drawing and painting eggs a lot lately.  I find drawing them fascinating.  They are everyday, low-key, domestic objects which are instantly familiar.    Eggs seem almost abstract when drawn.    They are smooth, tapered ellipses that make excellent studies in reflected light and shadow.  It’s a challenge to draw the shape as accurately as possible.   In a busy world, eggs are one of those incidental yet magical things that we take for granted.


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