The Morning After Blues

Yves Klein, a 20th century artist, developed and patented a particular shade of blue and named it International Klein Blue.  He based his artistic career on this colour.

Once he had an exhibition of his work which was by invitation only.  Klein was a well-known artist and people were thrilled to be invited to an exclusive event.  As each guest arrived at the gallery, Klein escorted them into a room with nothing on the walls.  He offered each guest a glass of water to drink and then spoke eloquently about the empty room.   Klein insisted they drink the whole glass of water as he talked.  People were taken aback by the empty gallery.  Some were outraged and stormed out after the talk.

It turned out the show was not about the blank walls.  When the invited guests used the toilet the next day,  they found their pee was coloured International Klein Blue.


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