An Education, Another Willa Cather Quote

“There are only two or three human stories, but they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened.”

                                                            -Willa Cather

I think it’s so funny when charismatic narcissists who screw people around feel so hurt when they are not liked.  Everyone’s met some version of this type.  So I very much enjoyed the British film, “An Education”.  The young actress who plays the lead has been touted as Oscar material, but I don’t think so.  She was good, but not remarkable. Other actors were superb.  Peter Sarsgaard nailed the charming lizard who beguiles the young girl and her parents and Rosamund Pike brought a zen calm to the lovely ditzy blonde living an ethically dubious life. 

The plot was an age-old story of youth led astray but the actors made it unique and entertaining.


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