I Claudius

I have been watching DVD episodes of the 1976 drama “I Claudius” about the reign of Roman emperors, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius.   It’s remarkable how the BBC was able to produce these  riveting and classic productions while spending very little on sets.

An aquaintance of mine told me she and her husband had always loved “I Claudius” and had watched it together when it first aired.   She said she still thought of Claudius’ grandmother Livia, because she had a plant in her garden closely related to one that Livia poisoned her victims with.

She also told me her family still quoted lines from the show.  In particular, her husband still occasionally used the phrase, “The Emperor has undergone a metamorphosis.”

I couldn’t help but wonder in what context he used it.  I didn’t ask.


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